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【IPest】Common issues with proxy IP
F&Q Date 2020-11-19 09:42:23

Many friends encounter various small problems in the use of IP proxy. Here,  I would like to share with you some tips for using proxy IP.

1Extraction concurrency should not be too large.

IPest currently has two kinds of restrictions on extraction concurrency. The first is the default. For all orders, the interval between two extractions needs to be more than 50 milliseconds, otherwise an error of extracting too often will be returned. Second one is manual background configuration. When the background manager finds that some orders are abnormal and extraction does not stop in time, the background manager will limit concurrent requests for the order. If the extraction frequency is still too high after the limit, it will return an error message that the concurrency of the order exceeds the limit.

2 Use before the binding duration expires

IPest extraction version has a binding time parameter(unbindTime) when extrating. This parameter sets the available time of the extracted IP. It is recommended to use IP within the validity period, otherwise error 702 will be returned in the use of proxy.

3Add whitelist

A whitelist needs to be added when using IP extraction. There are two ways to add whitelist: manual adding in member Centre and auto adding through extraction interface. By default, its limit to 30 whitelist IPs for one order. If it returns 704 in the process of IP proxy, please check whether your IP is in the whitelist. If not, please add the whitelist before use. Please contact the technician when the whitelist number is over limit.


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