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【IPest】Google chrome plugin installation steps
F&Q Date 2020-11-18 17:25:18

Download and installation steps:


a. Download and unzip the plugin, and dont make any changes to the folder, otherwise the plugin will be unusable.

⚠️ Direct unzipping by double-clicking cant be done on Mac, which may make the unzipped file incomplete

Unzip with command line: unzip and zip files with zip,rar and tar command line.

unzip Charset.zip -d  Charset

#unzip Charset.zip to Charset file



b. Open Settings -> More tools -> Extensions or key in chrome://extensions/  in the address bar, press Enter to open the extensions page



c. Enter into developer mode, load the unzipped extension program. After successful loading, the IPest icon appears next to the address bar.

   the latest version of IPest is v2.4



Operation steps:

1. Fill in the account and password. Select Remember the password and then the plugin will log in to the account by default when you come in next time;




2. Select order id, unbinding time, province and city and other information

    only traffic order is suitable for browser.



3. Click connection button to get IP immediately. IP will be automatically switched according to the unbinding time and province you have chosen. In case of IP exception, the IP will also be switched automatically.


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