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Danger of IP leakage
Latest news Date 2020-11-18 17:07:05

There are still may people who do not know too much about IP in the prevailing Internet society. In fact, IP can be regarded as our online IDENTITY. Nowadays, not only Internet marketing staff need to change IP, but ordinary users should also pay attention to IP security. This is because IP leakage has the following impact on personal privacy security:

First, person computer may be hacked. Your computer may be attacked when others get your IP, which may cause unnecessary losses.

Second, personal address information leaked. The corresponding detailed address can be found out according to IP address. IP can be researched not only on the internet but also the province and city to which it belongs can be directly queried. Even more detailed address information can be queried through technical reconnaissance, which may cause personal address information leakage.

In the current Internet society, personal information is very easy to leak. We hope you will pay attention to IP security.


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